Rounded Rectangle: About the Photographer
Hi there, my name is D. Anthony B. or as some may know me, Dan Bo. I have been working at the craft of photography since freshman year in High School which now seems so long ago.
While my work has spanned a variety of subjects: Sports, Portraits, Weddings Automotive, Landscape and many other facets of photography. Somewhere along the way I found that working with people was where I really excelled. Since then I致e focused mainly on Fashion/Editorial portrait work. Although whenever the occasion does arise I知 always up for a good challenge.
While I知 not out making photos, you can find me working as a Manufacturing Engineer (Makes perfect sense right?). So you can sort of say this is my creative outlet to free myself from Pareto Charts, TPS & the mind numbingly blah of tan cubicle walls haha, I kidd I actually really do enjoy my job. Beyond my 9-5 you値l find me working on my vintage Datsuns or one of my equally antiquated motorcycles. All is all I知 a pretty laid back guy that just likes to be outside and have fun.
In the end whatever the job, I'm always up to the challenge and enjoy meeting new people, having fun, and coming back with an image that we池e all proud of. So, if you are looking for a photographer in the Greater Chicago, St. Louis or Southern Illinois area I'd love to hear from you. While currently based in Carbondale, IL (Only 2hrs from St. Louis) I frequently travel between Chicago, Il, Indianapolis, In & St. Louis, Mo

For pricing and other questions feel free to contact me at     or     (630) 518-0176